leap Training

Energy Tutorials & Learning Modules

A series of web tutorials developed to show the information exchanged between partners during the seminars and webinars. A different tutorial has been developed for each topic, including: stakeholder and citizen involvement in SEAP production and implementation; action to achieve an increase in renewables; action to deliver low/zero carbon buildings; monitoring and evaluating energy action and planning; financing SEAP delivery; spatial planning and sustainable energy mapping; and more.

Date Seminar Topic Supporting Material to download
Nov 2013 E-learning module 7: Achieveing an increase in RES
Nov 2013 E-learning module 8: Citizen & Stakeholder SEAP involvement
Oct 2013 E-learning module 6: CoM SEAP Monitoring (impacts & progress
Mar 2013 E-learning module 5: Sustainable Public Procurement and Energy
Oct 2012 E-learning module 4: Carbon Footprinting
Jun 2012 E-learning module 3: Integrating Energy and Spatial Planning
Nov 2011 E-learning module 2: Financing SEAP Implementation
May 2011 E-learning module 1: Monitoring SEAP impact and delivery