leap Training

LEAP aims to build the technical and institutional capacities of all partner authorities in sustainable energy leadership and management. Energy capacity-building and training is delivered through:
 • a direct exchange of experience and expertise during mentoring visits and work shadowing placements;
 •  a bespoke training week in the City of Hannover;
 •  a series of seminars, webinars and workshops; and
 •  guidance sheets

Partners will gain expertise in different approaches in developing and delivering Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs), through a number of avenues: learning from fellow LEAP partners; digesting lessons learnt from other IEE projects with similar capacity-building objectives (past and present); and learning from guidance resulting from a wide range of sustainable energy action initiatives and projects, such as the Covenant of Mayors.

The outcomes of the LEAP capacity-building activities are made available here to share this learning with others. The training materials fall under three categories, please click on the links to the right for their description in detail