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Project Objectives

The LEAP project has five main objectives:

1. To enable a process of direct exchange of experience and expertise in sustainable energy management between LEAP partner local authorities which are in various stages of development from ‘cutting edge’ to ’new comer’.
2. To build the technical and institutional capacities of LEAP partner authorities to enable the institutionalisation of sustainable energy policies into their operations through effective local energy leadership. ‘Learning’ LEAP partners will have the opportunity to gain practical experience from their collaboration with both the other ‘learning’ and ‘experienced’ LEAP partners.
3. Three partner authorities will develop a Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP), and follow this up with implementation of actions; six partner authorities will implement their existing SEAPs through specific actions. The LEAP project ‘learning’ partners will be supported by the more ‘experienced’ project partners in the SEAP development and implementation process.
4. Each LEAP partner will demonstrate their local energy leadership by delivering a number of key SEAP priority actions including, for ‘learning’ project partners, a ‘Benchmark of Excellence’ for their area.
5. Three project partners will pilot an improved integration of energy planning with spatial planning and to disseminate their experience to other partners and other EU local authorities.

Please visit the partner page for details of all the participating partners.